Webmaster Radio Podcast Communicator unites the webmaster community at the desktop
Feb 09,2007 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

Branded desktop application extends podcast and IRC features to the desktop.

Webmaster Radio has partnered with OTOlabs, a One to One Interactive company, to bring the Webmaster Radio Podcast Communicator to the webmaster and Internet business community. This innovative Branded Desktop Application (BDA) has opened new doors of communication for WebmasterRadio.FM extending its website's features directly to the desktop for continuous streaming audio and user interaction through an IRC chat channel.

Developed and managed using OTOlabs' proprietary ThinkDesktop(TM) platform the Webmaster Radio Podcast Communicator connects users to Webmaster Radio's internet business radio shows hosted by some of the biggest names in the internet business world. The application allows users to listen to show podcasts right from their desktops and chat with show hosts and one another live through a built in IRC chat channel.

"The Branded Desktop Application was something we were already exploring when we entered this relationship. As a method of distribution, it's perfect for maintaining and growing our listenership while increasing the interactive aspect of the relationship with our end users," said Daron Babin, Co-Founder, WebmasterRadio.FM. "This has been a natural side effect of this platform and of course...one we desired."

The Podcast Communicator takes seconds to install and provides endless radio programming by allowing users to play Webmaster Radio directly within the application. It launches on the desktop as the computer boots up and seamlessly links to Webmaster Radio's weekly radio programs like SEO Rockstars, Hats Off!, and RainMaker. The Podcast Communicator sends users alerts when new content is available and allows users to access archived shows and a photo library of hosts, guests and events that's constantly updated. Additionally the application allows users to chat with each other and with radio show hosts through an IRC channel.

"With the Podcast Communicator, we've helped Webmaster Radio create a deeper user brand experience that will increase user interaction over longer periods of time. Our BDA makes it easy for webmasters and the internet business community to stay in touch with breaking industry news, hot trends, technological developments and of course industry entertainment," said Mitchel Ahern, Director of Product Management, OTOlabs. "Together Webmaster Radio and OTOlabs are changing the way podcasting is done."