Driver escapes injury in Century Dr. crash; icy roads and ‘no passing’ signs disregarded
Feb 08,2007 00:00 by Cheryl McDermott

A Bend man escaped injury when his four-wheel-drive vehicle slid off the road, rolled, and hit a tree after the driver disregarded icy road conditions and “no passing” signs on Century Drive and attempted to go around a “slow moving” vehicle traveling 50 mph., troopers reported.
The accident could have easily resulted in death or injury, said Oregon State Police (OSP) Senior Trooper Terry Miller of the Bend Command Office.

A Bend man escaped injury in a single-vehicle rollover crash on Century Drive this morning.  Troopers say the driver disregarded icy road conditions and “no passing” signs, and crashed when trying to overtake a vehicle traveling 50 mph. Photos by OSP. 

Ryan Redding, 22, was on his way to Mt. Bachelor Thursday when the crash occurred.  Redding told troopers he decided to pass a slow moving vehicle, and when asked how fast the “slow vehicle” was traveling, he replied “50 mph”.
“That would indeed be slow on bare pavement, but the roadway was covered in ice and the speed was probably too fast to begin with,” said Trooper Miller.
Redding aborted his attempt to pass when an oncoming car crested a rise in front of him, Miller said.  As he hit the brakes, his Subaru Forester slid off the road, rolled, and struck a large pine tree which crushed the hood and came to rest on the drivers’ side of the SUV.
There were no injuries reported, but the SUV was totaled and Redding was cited for careless driving.  “Because a crash resulted, a higher bail of $427 was associated with the citation,” the trooper said.
OSP has identified vehicles passing in “no passing” zones, through intersections, and at unsafe speeds as a leading cause of the high crash rate on Century Drive.  “Many motorists forget that passing through any intersection is prohibited,” Miller said, “and it is all too common for troopers to see people doing so at the entrances to Widgi Creek and the sno-parks.”
“Motorists who are traveling along at a reduced, safe speed for the conditions are not the ones we find on their tops,” he said.  Impatient drivers often put themselves and everyone around them at risk, Miller added.  “Troopers are taking strict enforcement action on all such violations in an effort to decrease the crash rate on Century Drive.”