BMW owners are early adopters of new technology and media
Feb 09,2007 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

BMW is one of many vehicles profiled in the Scarborough Research/Radio Advertising Bureau automotive study

Scarborough Research, the leading local market research firm for identifying the shopping, media and lifestyle patterns of adults in the United States, finds that BMW owners* are among America's earliest adopters of new technology and media. This is one of many findings in the Scarborough Research/RAB Automotive Study, a report profiling the top-selling domestic and foreign vehicles.

According to Scarborough, BMW owners are more likely than the national average to have personal technologies (such as iPods/MP3 players and personal digital assistants) and new entertainment media (including HDTV, DVRs such as TiVo, and digital cable).

The propensity of BMW owners to adopt new technology and entertainment media could be indicative of potential interest in high definition radio. This interest in new technology is complemented by the fact that owners of luxury vehicles are avid radio listeners. Scarborough finds that people planning to purchase a luxury vehicle in their household during the next year are 20 percent more likely than the national average to be among radio's most avid listeners.

"The consumer is ready for advanced technology to integrate in many areas of their lives including radio listening. Given that luxury car drivers are also avid radio listeners, this is a great place to begin," said Howard Goldberg, senior vice president, radio services, Scarborough Research. "BMW's recent announcement to offer high definition radio will most likely receive consumer receptivity and installation will certainly pave the way for other manufacturers to follow."

"These new Automotive Owner Profiles from Scarborough offer our Radio sellers substantial insights into each nameplate's customers' buying habits, increasing our ability to address specific issues in tailoring schedules and promotions to meet the specific needs of local dealerships," observed Jeff Haley, President and Chief Executive Officer, Radio Advertising Bureau. "This initial report on BMW and its high-tech customer is particularly synergistic with Radio's ever evolving technological advancements."