Bend releases Smart Controller study at High Desert Green Industry Conference
Feb 09,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources
The City of Bend plans to release its Smart Controller study during the High Desert Green Industry Conference scheduled for February 14-15 at the Deschutes County Fair & Expo.

The Smart Controller study was initiated in 2004 after the City Council authorized the City’s work with the Smart Watering Application Technology (SWAT) program of the Irrigation Association. The City of Bend WaterWise program has installed over 70 smart controllers at city owned sites, with a total water saving potential and related savings on energy, runoff reduction and related labor benefits.

The City of Bend’s Water Resources Coordinator, Patrick Griffiths will present on Smart Controller Use in Bend. "The High Desert Green Industry Conference has become the premier event for communicating cutting edge landscape information, such as Smart Controllers, and is a great venue for sharing news about the City’s WaterWise Program," said Griffiths, who is instrumental in furthering water conservation and sound water management policies for the City of Bend and the Deschutes Basin.

The new generation of “smart” sprinkler systems or smart controllers can monitor data, such as climate, site conditions, or soil moisture, and automatically adjust the sprinkler’s watering schedule. This is done through the controller in the Smart systems.  Approved Smart Controllers for Bend currently use daily weather data to automatically determine when and how long to water. These controllers learn the sprinkler type, precipitation rate, plant type, soil type and degree of slope.  With this information, the sprinklers apply just enough water at exactly the right time in each zone of the yard. “The Smart systems keep your grass green while saving your ‘green’,” Griffiths said.

In addition, the City of Bend will provide a separate presentation in partnership with the City of Redmond, “Cities Regulatory Update” which will update landscape and green building professionals on the latest water related regulations, policies and trends –- from Backflow to Smart Controllers.

The High Desert Green Industry conference promotes and fosters education and professional development to strengthen the Green Industry. Attendees are usually landscape contractors, nursery owners, golf course superintendents, arborists and now include Green Building practitioners from throughout the West who supply, design, maintain, or manage landscapes.

The City of Bend will have its WaterWise booth at the event and staff will be available to answer questions about smart controllers and other related programs. For more information on Smart Controllers,
click here or call 317-3000.