Two doctors discover formula that kills bird flu virus
Feb 09,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

Two doctors have given up their lucrative medical careers to try and save lives by fighting deadly viruses and bacteria. GAMA Healthcare is a company founded by two medical doctors -- Dr Guy Braverman and Dr Allen Hanouka  -- with a mission to reduce infection and the spread of disease.

Both doctors created the Clinell formula 2 years ago and this formula is patented and is widely recognized as a major advancement in antibacterial formulas. This formula is used to manufacture wipes, hand sanitisers and surface sprays. Currently, Clinell products are sold to the NHS, private hospitals, GPs, dentists, vets and nursing homes.

When the bird flu virus first made the news, GAMA decided to test the Clinell formula against the H5N1 deadly virus. The results were extraordinary and this discovery has been heralded as a major breakthrough in combating this viral strain.

Experts say that while there are many disinfectant products on the market, very few have been proven to kill this particular virus.

Clinell was tested at the independent Retroscreen Virology Ltd laboratories at Queen Mary's Medical School. ( The laboratory report showed that the product inactivated 99.9% of the H5N1 virus(2).

Dr Robert Lambkin, the managing director of Retroscreen said "This sort of product might be expected to contribute in reducing contamination of surfaces and therefore the spread of virus in the community and work place."

Dr Guy Braverman, managing director of GAMA and creator of the Clinell formula, said "we initially created the Clinell formula to tackle the problem of MRSA in hospitals and because of the unique features in our formula we have been granted a patent. Clinell is the most thoroughly tested disinfectant on the market which is something GAMA prides itself on. We tested against the bird flu virus last year with very positive results and we strongly believe that our products can have a major impact in reducing transmission of this virus.

Professor John Oxford, one of the world experts in Bird Flu, has said: 'first and foremost to reduce virus transmission attention must be paid to hand washing and then when this is satisfactory, focus on cleansing surfaces and equipment shared by others such as desks, tables, telephones and door knobs.'

Clinell products would be a simple yet effective method to reduce the transmission of bird flu virus. Clinell products are now available to the public via