Bend City Police Blotter - Week of Jun 04
Jun 15,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources


  • 5/31. A teenager reported the theft of handlebars, rims, and tires from his bicycle. The parts were found on another bicycle, but nobody in the surrounding area would claim the bike with the suspected stolen parts. Officers took the unclaimed bike for safekeeping.

  • 6/1. Officers received permission to enter a residence from the roommate of a man found to be in violation of probation. Subject locked himself in the bathroom refusing to come out until the use of a K-9 dog was threatened. The man was arrested and jailed.

  • 6/1. A man reported seeing a person on the overpass on Wilson Avenue just before an object was dropped on his car. Vehicle sustained $75 in damage to its bug shield.

  • 6/2. Two teenaged girls were charged with theft and shoplifting when they were found to have taken a mannequin (completely clothed) worth $1,000 from Macy’s. The mannequin was recovered unharmed

  • 6/2. The City of Bend Public Works Department reported the theft of 450 feet of copper wire valued at $2500. Wire was taken from their shop.

  • 6/2. A man was arrested for DUI and his vehicle impounded. Subject admitted to drinking and described the effects as causing him to “have relaxed shoulders.” The man stated he takes 4 vitamins per day, which make him twitch.

  • 6/3. Two men were issued $250 citations for public urination at 915 NW Wall St.

  • 6/3. A man was arrested for DUI and also admitted to having taken 5-6 oxycodone throughout the day. He refused to take a blood alcohol test and his vehicle was impounded.

  • 6/3. A resident of Covington St. reported thieves had entered his unlocked home and stole a laptop, knife, and cash valued at more than $3000.

  • 6/3. A woman admitted to filing a false police report when she reported her car stolen. She had loaned her vehicle to an acquaintance who had been in an accident, and was attempting to protect him. She was cited and released.

  • 6/3. A man was arrested for DUI after leaving Timbers East. When asked if to describe any effects he may feel from the alcohol, the subject replied “I was feeling good until you pulled me over.”

  • 6/3. A man heading home from Players was arrested for DUI. Subject refused a blood alcohol test but admitted to being “pretty drunk.”

  • 6/3. A man reported that 3 computers and a camera valued at $7800 had been stolen after someone broke a window and entered the building at 345 W. Cyber.

  • 6/4. Also leaving Timbers East, a man was arrested for DUI. When asked if he felt any effects from alcohol, he replied “Always do.”

The above Information are excerpts taken from log entries and reports of the Bend Police Department.