Battle of the Super Egos 2007
Feb 16,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

Who Will Dominate Headlines and Why

According to Joel Epstein, "The Ego Guy," and author of The Little Book On Big Ego, "When big egos collide there's always friction -- good or bad -- and where there's friction, there's going to be fire." The following people will cause controversy, alter history, and spark the most significant friction flames this year.

1. Simon Cowell

Snarky, unapologetic and cutting, Cowell's ego brings American Idol contestants to their knees and catapults new talent onto the charts. While the negative friction between him and his fellow judges and competitors can manifest tears, fears and years of counseling, the results of his ego's positive friction with the same group unveils the gifted, and generates addictive, ratings-devouring television.

2. Donald Trump

A multi-layered, successful businessman who uses both "good friction" (The Apprentice) to find cream of the crop winners and "bad friction" (Rosie O'Donnell) to stand his ground, Donald Trump is unabashedly one of the biggest purveyor of egos around.

3. Rosie O'Donnell

Opinionated, controversial, and outspoken, Rosie will continue to raise eyebrows with her unorthodox, unapologetic attacks on fellow celebs. She also might use some of that ego for "good" in her quest for social issues near and dear to her heart like adoption options for gay parents.

4. Oprah

The poster-child for "positive friction," Oprah uses her Sears Tower-size ego to promote literacy, build schools and generate positive change in an ever-changing world. If she can afford designer duds and diamonds along the way, who can blame her.

5. Paris Hilton

The biggest ego on the list who wears fewer clothes that cost twice as much as anyone else's, and who actually likes posing for the Paparazzi, Paris Hilton will continue to love herself into more controversial headlines and invite more "negative" friction into her limo in 2007.