Gardening is more energized and eco-friendly with 'The dirt DIVA Royal Horticultural Society'
Feb 16,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

As gardeners across the country salivate over seed catalogues and begin to prepare the soil for the next go- round, Bay Area book author and eco-gardening columnist Annie Spiegelman (aka the dirt DIVA) is sharing inspiring ways to sow blooms and change the world. Spiegelman is unveiling a treasure trove of principles and techniques for today's gardening divas via her new "The dirt DIVA Royal Horticultural Society."

The dirt DIVA Royal Horticultural Society is Spiegelman's initiative promoting both organic gardening and women's empowerment. "The Web site is designed to attract singles, girlfriends, moms, new homeowners and of course, divas, to the joy of working in nature," said Spiegelman. "Women need to speak out and actively participate in the push for a world that is environmentally safe for our children, and that starts in their own backyard. I'm going for that ethical commitment with an approach consisting of equal parts of effervescence and human wrecking ball!"

Interested parties can enroll in The dirt DIVA Royal Horticultural Society and download a "membership card," confirming their dedication to the principles of practicing clean and green gardening techniques, by visiting

The Web site also offers access to information about Spiegelman, her witty, wise, sometimes irreverent, always instructive views on coast-to-coast gardening (and life), and her upcoming third book, tentatively titled "The dirt DIVA's Almanac," due out next year. Visitors can also find reviews and purchasing information for Spiegelman's two previously published books. The first is "Annie's Garden Journal: Reflections on Roses, Life, Weeds, Men, and Life" (Carol Publishing, 1996), which was selected for the Borders Books list of promising new writers. The second, "Growing Seasons: Half-Baked Garden Tips, Cheap Advice on Marriage & Questionable Theories on Motherhood" was published in 2003 by Avalon Publishing.

The dirt Diva's lively writing details her experience as a "recovering New Yorker" and a California Master Gardener. The dirt Diva column currently runs monthly in Marin County's "Pacific Sun" newspaper and "The Marin Independent Journal."

As The dirt Diva says, "Organic gardening is so in. Green is the new pink! Now, slap on a little lipstick and go change the world!"