Bend requests $6-million in federal funds
Feb 15,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

The City of Bend has submitted the following federal appropriations requests to U.S. Senators Wyden and Smith’s offices, as well as to U.S. Representative Walden’s office.

The deadline to submit the 2008 requests was February 16th. The City identified these requests as vital issues for the entire community.

•  County-wide Multi-Agency Law Enforcement Records Management System

Request: $1.4 million
Total project cost: $1.4 million

  Deschutes River Rehabilitation
Request: $490,000

Phase One -Total project cost: $688,400

•  Sewer Expansion to Unserved Areas in the City of Bend
Request: $2.5 million (2008) and $2.5 million (2009)
Total project cost: $5 million

•  Increased Access to Bend Area Transit Project
Request: $600,000
Total project cost: $750,000

•  Bend Area Transit – Transit Buses (5)
Request: $980,000
Total project cost: $1.225 million

In another fiscal area, since Fiscal Year 2003-04, the City of Bend has received multiple federal and state grants totaling over $26,282,745.

The City has explored opportunities and secured non-city revenue sources for priority transportation and operations projects, as well as for other key projects critical to improving Bend’s economy and in upgrading the city’s infrastructure and operations.

The grant funding has allowed for upgrades to the city’s transportation system, including the reconstruction of Newport Bridge, the airport expansion and the new transit service.

The City plans to pursue grant funding throughout the year in upcoming federal and state grant cycles, and will continue to explore other sources of available funds each year.

Click here to view the Grant Summary COB for total grants received.
*Note: FY 06-07 grant totals are not final. The City may still receive additional grant funding by the end of this fiscal year.