Home Zone: New lock saves a step, could save your valuables
Feb 16,2007 00:00 by Linda Pescatore

Having a sturdy deadbolt on your front door doesn't do a whit of good if you don't take the time to lock it.

Statistics show that, although burglars are three times more likely to break into a house without a deadbolt, only 50 percent of homeowners have them, and only 25 percent of those deadbolt owners use them daily, according to Safety By Design, a Missouri lock manufacturer. Furthermore, FBI crime statistics report that 60 percent of residential burglaries occur during the day, when the occupants are at work or school, so throwing that bolt when you leave is critical.

Recognizing that deadbolts go unlocked due to the inconvenience of fumbling with keys on the way out the door, Safety By Design created the Turner Lock, a single-cylinder deadbolt that locks from the outside without a key. The deadbolt engages when you turn the lock's inconspicuous metal collar. (The deadbolt can also be locked from the inside, using a thumb-turn latch.) To re-enter the house, unlock with a key as you normally would.

The Turner Lock is available in five finishes - polished brass, antique brass, satin chrome, satin nickel and antique nickel. It also comes in a combination pack that includes a matching doorknob.

Turner Locks are available for $45 through hardware stores, including select Ace Hardware locations, and online at www.turnerlock.com. The product comes with a limited lifetime warranty. For more information call Safety By Design, 877-349-0306.


Hidden doorways are among the hottest items in home remodeling. What looks like a built-in bookcase actually folds away to reveal a hidden space - perhaps an office, closet, hobby room, gun vault, or, for those with a flair for the dramatic, a mysterious secret stairway.

SpaceXDoors, a Colorado company that claims to make "the original" hide-a-door bookshelf, offers sturdy bi-fold doors disguised as functional wooden shelves. Although the system can carry as much as 300 pounds, the doors glide smoothly on their stainless steel track and, the company says, nothing falls off the shelf.

The bookshelves, which are mounted to cover any existing opening and trim, rarely require remodeling of the opening and can be installed by a handyman or experienced do-it-yourselfer using the instructions and video included with the system, according to SpaceXDoors. The doors are suitable for condos and apartments because they can be taken along when you move, the company says.

The furniture-grade bookcases are made from your choice of hardwoods, composites or veneers, either finished or unfinished. Each comes 83 inches high, with eight adjustable shelves and a valance to match your decor. The company also offers the option of 96-inch-tall shelves.

SpaceXDoors offers three styles - Traditional, Classic and Masterpiece - and options that include a security lock and lighting package. Prices for standard 49-inch widths begin at $1,375 for unfinished systems.

For more information visit www.spacexdoors.com or call 800-AMAZING (262-9464).


Nobody likes noise. A new product promises to shield you - or your neighbors - from irksome sound waves originating from loud voices, stamping feet or rushing highways, to name a few.

Green Glue is a water-based, nontoxic visco-elastic sound-damping compound that you apply to a second sheet of drywall or subflooring using a caulk gun. Sandwiched between two layers of drywall, the half-millimeter-thick coating of Green Glue dissipates sound vibrations, according to the manufacturer, aptly named the Green Glue Co.

Green Glue has been fire-tested and not been found to be hazardous, the company says. It can be used for walls, ceilings and floors in both new construction or in remodeling.

For more information about the product and how it works, visit www.greengluecompany.com.

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