15 Central Oregon students make OSU honor roll with 4.0 GPA
Feb 16,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

Oregon State University (OSU) recently announced the names of students who made the Scholastic Honor Roll for fall term.  A total of 554 students earned a perfect 4.0 grade point average (gpa), including twelve from Bend, two from Redmond, and one from Terrebonne.

An additional 2,364 earned a B-plus or better (3.5 gpa) to make the listing.  To be included on the Honor Roll, students must carry at least 12 graded hours of course work.

Congratulations to the following honor roll students:


Straight-A Average: Megan L. Barrett, Freshman, General Science; Erica J. Coe, Junior, General Science; Marketa J. Hart, Junior, Liberal Studies; Kinsey A. Hood, Senior, Human Development and Family Science; Kristen M. Horgen, Junior, Interior Design. Lene M. Lang, Freshman, Biology; Ryan R. Lilley, Freshman, Biology; Samantha F. Pride, Sophomore, Sociology; Rebecca A. Sieberts, Junior, Human Development and Family Science; Joe Sullivan, Freshman, Biology; Tara L. Walker, Junior, Merchandising Management; Ashley E. Willard, Senior, Human Development and Family Science.

3.5 or Better: Lindsey L. Bailie, Junior, Art; Mark S. Barrett, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Andrew W. Bisset, Sophomore, Political Science; Kasandra M. Boatman, Senior, English; Derek R. Bourque, Senior, Construction Engineering Management. Stacy D. Brogan, Junior, Human Development and Family Science; Jacob A. Brown, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; James M. Bylund, Senior, Natural Resources; Evelyn M. Cantu, Senior, Liberal Studies; Madeleine R. Carde, Senior, Interior Design. Lina Chan, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering; Phillip M. Davis, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering; Lauren C. Denfeld, Junior, Business Administration; Dan J. Di Spaltro, Senior, Computer Science; Guy H. Drescher, Senior, Mechanical Engineering. Joseph J. Duerst, Junior, Liberal Studies; Garret E. Ellingson, Senior, Civil Engineering; Harell Firestone, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Frederick F. Fletcher VII, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Brittany L. Fox, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics. Emily A. Geurts, Freshman, General Science; Kristin M. Geurts, Sophomore, Business Administration; Joshua K. Goodall, Senior, Civil Engineering; Bryan Goshert, Post Baccalaureate, Mechanical Engineering; Jesse G. Hayden, Senior, Biology. Amy L. Hendrickson, Freshman, Pre-Business; Nicholett A. Hoke, Senior, Art; Melissa M. Horton, Sophomore, General Science; Brittany D. Jackson, Junior, Liberal Studies; Brooke A. Johnston, Junior, Nutrition & Food Management. Kate S. Laird, Senior, Interior Design; Sasha C. Levage, Senior, English; Jenna L. Lindbo, Senior, Outdoor Recreation Lead & Tour; Jonathan E. Ludwig, Senior, Art; Cory D. Markland, Sophomore, Business Administration. DeAnna K. Miller, Junior, Pre-Health Management & Policy; Tyson K. Neuhaus, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Megan A. Nichols, Junior, Human Development and Family Science; Megan M. O Neill, Junior, Anthropology; Kara R. Palacio, Freshman, Environment Econ, Policy & Management. Kevin C. Price, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Nicholas L. Purdy, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Mathew T. Quigley, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering; Monique J. Redfield, Senior, Liberal Studies; Mackenzie K. Root, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science. Alexender A. Sabin, Junior, Pre-Construction Engineering Management; Nadja R. Schmidt, Senior, Natural Resources; Kelsea A. Schwing, Senior, Environmental Engineering; Daniel C. Sellars, Sophomore, Business Administration; Lauren E. Shimek, Junior, Health Promo & Health Behavior. Chelsea J. Simpson, Senior, Business Administration; Elise L. Steinhauff, Freshman, Applied Visual Arts; Mara K. Stephens, Junior, Human Development and Family Science; Erin M. Sullivan, Sophomore, Pre-Electrical Engineering; Alana M. Sweat, Junior, Pre-Electrical Engineering. Sandy J. Thompson, Freshman, Zoology; Katherine N. Thorn, Freshman, Liberal Studies; Caly B. Turman, Sophomore, Mathematics; Caitlin E. Vallerga, Senior, Spanish; Kelsie E. Warner, Freshman, Chemistry; Mike R. Weeks, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.


Straight-A Average: Paul H. Mc Donnell, Post Baccalaureate, Business Administration; Hayley C. Tanler, Post Baccalaureate, Education.

3.5 or Better: Alex L. Bouck, Junior, Business Administration; Jessica L. Buhrle, Senior, Liberal Studies; Chance S. Hansen, Junior, Pre-Communication; Jess C. Holcomb III, Junior, Bioresource Research; Nicole R. Inglis, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science. Kaleb I. Jentzsch, Senior, Chemistry; Dennis Lane, Senior, Earth Science; Garrett Leffler, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Kurt L. Moffitt, Senior, Crop and Soil Science; Sean M. Mullins, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering.

Stacey M. Sargent, Freshman, Forest Management; Michelle L. Sorum, Freshman, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Jared T. Standerwick, Junior, Business Administration; Adrian J. Steele, Sophomore, History; Christopher H. Willcut, Sophomore, Pre-Industrial Engineering.


3.5 or Better: Cynthia J. Harp, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Nathan M. Powell, Senior, Construction Engineering Management; Molly C. Van Acker, Sophomore, Biology.


3.5 or Better: Diana L. Curran, Junior, Human Development and Family Science.


Straight-A Average: Kelsi E. Cross, Junior, Applied Visual Arts.