Trust deeds: high returns don’t always come with high risk
Feb 16,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

Most investors have the mindset that the only safe investment is a low yield investment. However, Integrity Investment Fund, LLC a national firm, aims to educate investors how they can receive high yields with very little risk using real estate secured Trust Deeds.

Well over half of all investors today have a fear of high yield investments and instead place their money into low yield accounts such as CD’s, Money Markets, Mutual Funds, and savings accounts. These low yield accounts often earn investors returns of less than 7%, which requires extremely long term holds in order to see significant asset accumulation.

A national Trust Deed and private equity firm, Integrity Investment Fund, wants to dispel the myth that a high yield investment has to be high risk by educating investors on Trust Deeds (or Deeds of Trust). According to II Fund president Brandon Barnum, “Trust Deeds are among the safest investments you can find anywhere and often yield returns between 12% and 18%.”

Trust Deeds are simply private loans secured by extremely low LTV (loan to value) investment real estate. The safety comes from the low LTV characteristic along with the strict underwriting guidelines imposed by II Fund; these combined equal a low risk investment backed by equity in investment real estate.

To help educate investors on the Trust Deed, II Fund has developed a website and free report that fully explains the process including its risks and benefits. The free report titled, “The Top 19 Questions You Must Ask Before Ever Using Trust Deeds,” can be downloaded by going to

“Trust Deeds are truly the investment that the rich use to get richer. We want to help the average investor take advantage of the benefits of the Trust Deed and utilize the tools that truly build portfolios,” says Barnum.