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Vestibular Disorders Association


Vestibular disorders involve problems of the inner ear, resulting in dizziness, vertigo, nausea, fatigue and many other ailments. This Web site provides a starting point for learning more, with sections describing symptoms, plus links.


Leprosy is the oldest documented disease, with described cases dating back to 1350 B.C.


LOTION IN MOTION - A study is looking into the relation between skin cancer incidence and time spent driving. CNS Photo.
MEDTRONICA - The Medtronica Vestibular Disorders Association Web site at www.vestibular is a good starting point for learning more about the condition. Vestibular disorders involve problems of the inner ear, resulting in dizziness, vertigo, nausea, fatigue and many other ailments. CNS Photo.
If current trends hold, Richard Peto, a professor of medical statistics and epidemiology at Oxford University in England, predicts that tobacco will kill 1 billion people in this century, a figure that exceeds the total for the previous century by a factor of 10.


In 17th-century England, it was thought a case of the measles could be cured by laying a live sheep on the bed of the patient.


Tonsurphobia - fear of haircuts


Capillary refill - When a fingernail is pressed, the nail bed turns white. Capillary refill refers to the return of the nail bed to a pinkish color. Good "cap refill" is two seconds or less.


Before you buckle up, you might want to slather up.

A new study released at the recent American Academy of Dermatology conference in Washington, D.C., confirms a correlation between skin cancer incidence and time spent driving.

St. Louis University researchers looked at 1,047 cases of nonmelanoma skin cancer. They found that just more than half - 53 percent - suffered cancers on the left sides of their bodies. That's more than ordinary chance.

In particular, the cancers were more likely to be found on places often exposed while driving a car: the left arm, left hand and left side of the head and neck. Men were more likely to have skin cancer in these areas than women.

"The gender difference may be attributed to the practice of males riding on the left side of the car more frequently," the researchers said.

Most front windshields are designed to block the sun's ultraviolet A and B rays. Side and rear windows, however, typically block only UVB rays. Not surprisingly, drivers who frequently rolled down their side windows had an even higher incidence of left-handed skin cancer.


Fred was sick in the hospital.

One day, he's lying in bed, an oxygen mask over his face, lots of tubes and wires attached to his body. He's surrounded by well-wishers when, suddenly, he begins to jerk spasmodically, violently. He motions frantically to his pastor for pen and paper.

With his last bit of energy, Fred writes something and then dies. In the ensuing chaos, the pastor puts Fred's note in his pocket without looking at it. A few days later at the funeral, the pastor's finishing his eulogy for Fred when he realizes he's wearing the same jacket he was wearing the day Fred died.

"Fred handed me a note just before he died," the pastor announced to the crowd. "I haven't looked at it, but knowing Fred, I'm sure there's a word of inspiration in it for us all."

Opening the note, the 1astor read aloud: "You're standing on my oxygen tube!"


Varicose veins are the result of an improper selection of grandparents.

- William Osler, 1849-1919, a Canadian physician sometimes called the "father of modern medicine"