Students bring attention to Gulf Coast
Feb 23,2007 00:00 by Blanca Barraza

My message is concerning the article published on Feb 09, 2007 titled "Katrina recovery in major need of national summit" by Marc H. Morial. 

I am currently a student at San Jose State University involved in a national effort to bring attention back to the Gulf Coast.  Our group strives to create national legislation to create 100,000 jobs for residents of the Gulf Coast region.

The movement is called the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project.  We are currently planning a National Summit for April 9-14.  This is a perfect example of students and citizens who have realized it is their time to stand up and fight for something they believe in. 

I urge all readers to visit our web site at to obtain more information, or learn about opportunities for involvement.

Blanca Barraza

San Jose, CA