State Fire Marshal Urges Outdoor Fire Safety
Jun 20,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

Every year many Oregonians are unnecessarily hurt or injured while enjoying the outdoors because they fail to follow some basic fire and life safety rules. Common sense and taking a few simple precautions can keep a fun experience from turning into a tragedy. The Office of State Fire Marshal recommends following these outdoor fire safety rules.

  • When tent camping always avoid open flame of any kind in or near the tent or canopy and never cook inside a tent.

  • Only build campfires in a fire-pit or fire-ring, downwind of your tent, and make sure your fuel supply (wood/charcoal) is stored well away from the fire.

  • Keep fire-extinguishing materials like water or dirt nearby.

  • Clear a 10-foot fire spot of any flammable debris including dry logs, branches, bushes, needles, or leaves. Make sure there are no low overhanging tree branches above the fire spot.

  • Be sure to completely extinguish your campfire before retiring for the night or when leaving the campsite.

When using fueled camping equipment, the State Fire Marshal recommends that equipment, like heaters, lamps and stoves are refilled outdoors, well away from any open flames.

  • Extinguish or turn off all equipment before retiring for the night.

  • Store all fuel containers well away from the tent and open flames.

  • Never smoke while handling flammable liquids.

  • Supervise children at all times when fires are burning or open grills are in use.