Swap smoke packs for smoke detectors
Mar 02,2007 00:00 by Mike Sawyer
I heard a few days ago on the world news that a house fire with fatalities could have been prevented by smoke detectors. The victims were too poor to buy them.

Smoke detectors are under 10 bucks now, however, if you are poor that may be a lot.

Why not allow the smokers to “swap” their saved empty cigarette packs for smoke detectors and batteries once or twice a year -- funded from tobacco taxes?

The smokers would appreciate their "ownership" of this "Smoke Packs for Smoke Detectors”.

The local fire departments could do the swap. And while there, the smokers could get their blood pressure checked.

What if this saved one innocent child from a house fire?

With compassion,

Mike Sawyer
Executive Director, Master of Divinity
I Will Never Use Tobacco, Inc.