Redmond School District revs-up for change
Mar 02,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

“Redmond School District Launches a Process to Identify the Future of Schools”

The Redmond School District is launching a process to identify the community’s best hopes and aspirations for our students.  “We need to foster a renewed vision to ensure that we adapt our educational system to these changing times,” said Superintendent Vickie Fleming.  The Redmond Educational Vision (REV) captures the urgency to REV-up for the future of our schools. The REV process will engage a diverse array of stakeholder groups to galvanize our community in a shared vision of quality education.

The goal of the Redmond Educational Vision is to identify what the community values and to align the targets for student outcomes and the educational experiences provided with those values. The process also will include discussion about how, as a community, we define the expectations for our students to ensure that graduates are work-ready and college-ready. “Redefining our expectations for student success will help our schools provide students with the advanced knowledge and skills demanded by the 21st century workplace,” said Fleming.

The Redmond Educational Vision will kick-off with a community forum on Thursday, March 8, from 6:00 – 8:30 pm, at Tom McCall Elementary. This facilitated forum is an open opportunity for any community member to provide valuable input about the future of Redmond School District. The district is working to obtain representation from various stakeholder groups; diversity of input ensures well-rounded results.  Instead of operating like a traditional meeting, discussions are facilitated to engage all participants and efficiently gather input.

Participants in the engagement sessions will be posed three guiding questions as the basis for their input:

·         What knowledge and skills are essential to the success of our students in the 21st century workplace?

·         What learning experiences and opportunities should we provide for our students?

·         How can the district build trust and improve two-way communication with our community?

Community and district participants will have the opportunity to take part through a variety of mechanisms including electronic surveys, facilitated discussions and other general input sessions.  The district will reach out to existing community groups in combination with inviting parent, student and staff representatives to provide input on behalf of their respective groups.

The Redmond Educational Vision will take place throughout the remainder of the 2007 school year with the community engagement phase occurring from March 2007 to June 2007.  A culminating public forum is scheduled on Tuesday, May 22.  During the summer months a representative group will synthesize and compile the community’s input.

In August 2007, the representative group will present the findings of the Redmond Educational Vision to the school board and unveil its newly formed vision and mission along with long-term goals for the district.  In addition to proposing a shared vision of the district and its future, the group will present specific work-ready and college-ready skills identified by the staff and the community as well as an articulated set of recommendations to guide the future of Redmond School District.