Diesel has received an entire facelift
Mar 02,2007 00:00 by Allen Schaeffer
The story on diesel emissions [“New Report Details Diesel Danger For Commuters,” Feb. 28] regrettably neglected to mention the technological innovations the diesel industry has made over the past several years to vastly reduce emissions.

Diesel has received an entire facelift. The entire clean diesel system is brand new -- from the fuel, to new clean engines, to advanced exhaust emission control devices.

Commercial trucks sold this year have 90 percent fewer emissions of fine particles than trucks built at any point in the past 17 years. Today’s new clean diesel trucks are so clean that it would take 60 of today’s trucks to equal the emissions of a single 1988 model year truck.

Opportunities for modernizing and upgrading emissions from existing vehicles are greater than ever before. When properly matched to vehicle size and operating characteristics, new emissions control technology such as particulate filters can reduce emissions by up to 85 percent. Prior to October 2006, the use of such devices was limited. Now that ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel is available nationwide, we hope that voluntary diesel retrofit programs increase.

Allen Schaeffer, Executive Director
Diesel Technology Forum
5291 Corporate Drive, Suite 102
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