Fashion Wars: Hostilities break out between America's top fashion designers
Mar 02,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

Fashion Wars continue: a hemline drawn in the sand

ZOOZOOM, The Original Online Glossy, launches a new season of Fashion Wars, an interactive addition to their award-winning online fashion magazine, where designers go head-to-head with viewers voting for their favorite outfits.

Last season Michael Kors was victorious but there were plenty of surprises. As The New York Times noted, Patrik Rzepski, a relative newcomer to the New York fashion scene, came in third overall. ZOOZOOM Publisher David McIntyre declared that Fashion Wars is bringing a new democracy to fashion, joking that it's the American dream all dressed up, where any designer, young or old, established or freshman, can be crowned Queen for a season.

Sadly not everyone wants to play.

There are a number of designers Fashion Wars would like to feature but who don't want to play. Designers have nothing to fear: Last season Michael Kors proved that the big brands have more than just name-recognition. He stood strong and won with good design in a fair fight. Today's consumers want to interact with their brands and Fashion Wars provides a protected environment for this to take place. Guy Trebay of The New York Times asked recently, "Whatever Happened To Now?" It's here; it's called interaction between brand and consumer.

Fashion Wars is fun and educational, innovative and disruptive, with enormous potential to affect the world of fashion. It's what the editors and buyers see each season but this time YOU choose. For instance, store buyers looking to see what outfits are getting traction may make more considered purchases; designers checking out the hits and misses from their collection can make changes. It's democracy in accordance with ZOOZOOM's philosophy of "tools not rules." Of course for us as a fashion magazine it helps us plan our editorial features for fall.

Highly addictive, the more you play the more you learn.

How it works:

A battle is two images that are presented side by side. The images presented are either from the same designer's collection or represent a given look or trend across designers, such as "grey" "shift dresses" or "sleeve details." The images are picked at random and the winners and losers from each battle are recorded with the rolling statistics showing what's "in" and what's "out."