Golf Tips: Unique Practice for Better Drives
Jun 29,2006 00:00 by Tina Mickelson

Many amateurs have trouble with their driver because their swing is too steep. Because the shaft of the driver is longer than the other clubs in the bag, it is necessary to take a flatter, more rounded swing. It should feel a little more like a baseball swing than your swing with the shorter clubs.

 Photo Credit: Paul Nasri

To get a better idea as to what this should feel like, hit some drives from a sidehill lie where the ball is higher than your feet. You will be forced to take a flatter swing because of the slope of the hill. Once you are comfortable with what that feels like, hit some drives from a flat lie. You should find that you are able to duplicate the feel of the flatter swing. It will feel like you are sweeping the ball off the tee instead of hitting down at it.

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