Suspect sought in Marion County murder
Mar 07,2007 00:00 by Cheryl McDermott

Deputies with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office are asking the public’s help in locating an 18-year-old suspect they have identified in a December 2006 murder that occurred on Dunsmere St. SE near Macleay Road SE, south of Salem, Oregon.

Investigations are attempting to find Juan Manual Lopez-Pacheco, a known associate of the Brown Pride Raza (BPR) gang who goes by the nickname of “Pelon”, said Deputy Kevin Rau. 

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is looking for murder suspect Juan Manual Lopez-Pacheco “Pelon”, and his mother, Lidia Gonzalez-Martinez, a “person of interest”. Photos provided by MCSO. 
He is described as an 18-year-old Hispanic male, 5-foot 6-inches tall, weighing 160-180 pounds, bearing a number “13” tattooed on his left shoulder, and a cross on his left hand.  His date of birth is May 29, 1988.

Lopez-Pacheco (Pelon), is wanted in connection with the homicide of 26-year old Abenamar Velazquez-Ramierez, Rau said.

Investigators are also seeking the suspect’s mother, whom they have described as a “person of interest” in the case.  34-year old Lidia Gonzalez-Martinez has an extensive criminal history, the deputy said.  She is known to use several aliases including Maria Asoncion-Valencia, Lilia Pacheco-Vargas, Maria Gonzalez, Guadalupe Carrillo, Alejandra Carrasco, Laticia Yolanda Ramirez, Patricia Marentes, Lidia Gonzalez-Martinez, Lorena Zanchez, Lidia Martinez Gonzales, Cristina Lopez-Roblez, and Yesica Morales.

She is described as a 34-year old Hispanic female, 4-foot 10-inches tall, weighing 110 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes, with a scar on her abdomen.  Her date of birth, said Rau, is March 12, 1972.

Deputies declined to release any additional details due to the ongoing investigation, but ask that anyone who has information regarding the whereabouts of the suspect or his mother to contact Detective Matt Hingston at (503) 540-8095.