Home Zone: Changing your walls is a breeze
Mar 09,2007 00:00 by Maggie_Reed

Looking to brighten up your walls? Create an unusual headboard or a frame for a favorite poster?

The possibilities are endless with WallPops wall art.

"I always try to emphasize that people should be as free and creative as they want because WallPops is really all about having fun and having the freedom to change things around as many times as you want," said Paula Berberian, creative services manager for Brewster Wallcovering, manufacturers of WallPops. The product is available in 12 solid colors and four designs. Get them as "dots," 13 inches in diameter, or "blox," 13 inches square, for about $10 for a pack of five; or as "stripes," 6 1/2 inches wide by 16 feet long, also $10.

OPEN UP WITH STYLE - Skyline Gliding Window Panels provide a versatile, contemporary way to control light, glare, view and privacy along with adding drama to an environment. CNS Photo courtesy of Hunter Douglas.

POPPING UP - Add a cheery touch to any room and dress up your walls with WallPops. The possibilities are endless. CNS Photo courtesy of Brewster Wallcovering Co.

The vinyl WallPops are washable and can be moved multiple times without losing strength or leaving a residue. The bright colors and geometric shapes make mixing and matching a breeze.

"Think about what colors are already in place in the current design of the room," Berberian said. "Then try and work with those colors to choose coordinating and/or accenting colors or patterns to create the look and feel you have in mind."

For more information, visit www.wall-pops.com.


Loft living and large glass walls are no longer confined to downtown. Buildings with enormous windows are popping up all over.

"Our living spaces are evolving. Open floor plans with the focus on bringing the outdoors in have resulted in the window openings becoming a focal point," said Ron Rubinoff, vice president and general manager of the Hunter Douglas Window Decor Division.

One option is the Skyline Gliding Window Panels by Hunter Douglas. The product comes in 11 1/2-inch or 17-inch panels in hundreds of fabrics in the latest colors, textures and patterns. The panels overlap each other for a crisp look with continuous coverage.

"With its sleek, modern styling and large array of fabrics and privacy levels, Skyline Gliding Window Panels are the ideal window fashion," Rubinoff said.

Fabrics are grouped into five categories: Screens, sheers, semi-opaques, opaques (including a lush suede finish), and naturals and woven grasses.

The panels can be made with left- or right-facing panels to best direct the way light enters the room. A bottom weight snaps together on the bottom back side for added panel stability and to prevent tangling.

And they have more applications than just covering windows.

The panel track system allows it to be used as a stand-alone product, with an over-treatment, or even as a room divider to separate large areas or to add a dramatic detail to small spaces. Renters will love the ease and affordability of these movable panels.

For more information, call 800-274-2985 or visit www.hunterdouglas.com.

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