In Fashion: Hepburn still hip
Mar 09,2007 00:00 by Sharon_Mosley

Designers have been inspired by iconic fashion legend Audrey Hepburn for years. She made the little black dress, by Mossimo at Target, famous.

What is it that keeps us coming back for more little black dresses, skinny black pants, large sunglasses and flat heels year after year - all fashion trends instigated by that 20th century icon who changed the way women dress'

From Holly Golightly to Gigi to Sabrina, this Hepburn created glamorous movie star roles that continue to inspire fashion designers. They use her legendary wardrobe to create a variation of their own dreams, translating them into classic staples that are as elegant today as they were when the actress longingly peered into the window of that famous jewelry store on Fifth Avenue in "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

So what timeless looks are in store this spring - all reminiscent of one of our favorite movie stars 50 years later? Take a peek inside your closet and see if at least a few of these style classics aren't lurking inside a la Audrey:

A little black dress or two - Although Coco Chanel was credited with popularizing the cocktail sheath in the 1920s, Audrey Hepburn took the idea and ran with it straight down the cinematic aisles and into the 1950s wardrobes of chic American women who were ready to dress up and party after surviving another world war. Today there are many variations on this theme - cinched waists or a straight shift - but most fashion experts agree - you can't go wrong with a great little black dress.

LITTLE BLACK DRESS - Designers have been inspired by iconic fashion legend Audrey Hepburn for years. She made the little black dress famous. It's now available by Mossimo at Target. CNS Photo courtesy of Target.

Flat ballet shoes - One of the hottest trends in footwear this spring, thanks to Audrey, whose wafer-thin, pointy-toe flats and pumps were a hit with women who still love the comfort and looks of this all-time favorite footwear made famous by Hepburn who also inspired the tiny-heel "Sabrina" pumps a trend a few years ago.

The skinny black pants - Another classic piece that has become an important part of many women's basic wardrobe, especially this year - the season of the skinny pant. The shorter version of those famous black pants - the Capri pants - were also a great Audrey look that stylish women still wear today.

The white shirt - What would a "Roman Holiday" be like without that little white shirt so elegantly knotted and wrapped at the waist? Team it with those skinny black pants and a pair of black ballet flats and you've got movie-star style that will rival a little black dress any day.

The white suit - Dressing in white from head-to-toe is another one of spring and summer's most popular style statements. And the gamine actress knew "How to Steal a Million" in her own polished white suit, gloves and sunglasses, all perfectly matched with ladylike precision - another trend of the moment.

The Audrey accessories - You can't miss those oversized sunglasses. Dark and mysterious, also the perfect accessory to cover up tired eyes after a night on the cocktail circuit in the big city, don't you think?

Another great Audrey cover-up - the wispy scarves, either tied around the head or wrapped around the crown of a great straw hat. Add a multi-strand pearl choker, a clutch handbag and of course a beehive hairdo and you've got style for breakfast, lunch and dinner - whether you're at Tiffany's or not.

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