State employees' gifts to charities top $1 million
Mar 16,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

State workers give more than $1 million to nonprofit charities in Oregon, exceeding last year’s campaign by more than $41,000
Salem –The final tabulation shows state employees' charitable giving topped $1 million in the 2006 State of Oregon Employees' Charitable Fund Drive, the Oregon Department of Administrative Services announced Monday.

State workers give more than $1 million to nonprofit charities in Oregon, exceeding last year’s campaign by more than $41,000. 

The total donations, which will go to nonprofit charitable groups around the state, exceeded the previous year's campaign by more than $41,000. The final tabulation shows that 4,600 state employees pledged to donate to Oregon nonprofit organizations through payroll deductions.
"I'm proud of the men and women who work for the State of Oregon," Governor Ted Kulongoski said, "because they are leading the way to helping people who are less fortunate. They have led by example, and have helped ease human suffering while making our communities safer and healthier. All the citizens of Oregon can be proud of their friends and neighbors who work for the state, not only because of the work they do to make Oregon a great place to live, but also because of their compassionate giving."
Kathryn Ross, Charitable Fund Drive Committee chair, agreed. "I'm so impressed by the generosity of my fellow state employees," Ross said. "One million dollars is a tremendous gift from state employees to the people of Oregon, a gift that will have a lasting impact for all of us."
The Charitable Fund Drive gives every employee of the state and the Oregon University System an opportunity to make charitable gifts simply and easily. Last fall, state employees pledged $1,012,000, which will go to the 25 participating nonprofit funds and federations, and the 850 individual charities they represent. The donations will benefit every county in Oregon, Ross said.
Some state agencies saw major jumps in giving this year. Employees of the State Lands Department more than tripled their giving. The Department of Fish and Wildlife's active campaign led to a 369-percent increase. The Military Department reported the largest percentage increase of all state agencies, 446 percent.
Most state employees who give to the Charitable Fund Drive choose to contribute through payroll deductions. The state withholds the donations pledged in the fall from employees' paychecks throughout the following calendar year. In addition to being easy and convenient both for the employer and the employee, payroll contributions provide important ongoing support to the charitable groups that receive them.
Background information
The State of Oregon Employees' Charitable Fund Drive is a once-a-year campaign that lets state employees exercise precise control over how their charitable contributions are spent. Since 1989, the Fund Drive has raised more than $17.3 million for Oregon nonprofit groups. A complete list of the funds and federations, as well as the 850 nonprofits they represent, is available online at
The Charitable Fund Drive Committee includes seven state employees from various departments appointed by the Director of the Department of Administrative Services. This committee chooses a Campaign Management Organization (CMO) to implement its decisions and manage the day-to-day operations of the Charitable Fund Drive.
The CMO team includes staff members of the Children's Trust Fund of Oregon and Earth Share of Oregon. No state funds are used to pay for the Campaign Management Organization or other campaign activities. The participating funds and federations pay all associated costs.