City of Bend provides new planning service
Mar 16,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

To streamline the review of complex planning applications and to provide greater certainty and consistency in land use decisions, the City of Bend’s Current Planning Division is instituting a new service called the pre-submittal meeting. The pre-submittal meeting is a work session between city staff and a person or firm who is submitting a planning application to establish - that all information needed to measure the proposal’s compliance with the city’s policies and standards for development has been provided.  

Applicants will submit six copies of their proposed plans and accompanying documentation to the city. This information will be distributed to a core group of city review staff who will determine if the application contains all of the components required to consider it complete.  The pre-submittal staff will then meet with the applicant within approximately 10 days to provide a list of any additional information that may be needed. This process will be in lieu of the traditional 30-day completeness determination period established by State law. Once the applicant has verified that all requested information has been compiled, they may submit their application, which is immediately accepted as complete and routed for formal review.  Because the formal submittal is complete, the proposal can be reviewed and a decision issued without delay.  

In order for this process to be successful it will require cooperation from the development community. Information or studies that may have been deferred in the past will now be asked for at the onset of development review. By providing the information early, the clock won’t have to stop while an application is supplemented, and large discretionary decisions won’t have to be put off to a future step in the process - where there is no method for community involvement or due process. By making sure that all of the information is available at the beginning, it is unlikely that unknown or unforeseen complications will arise after the land use decision issued.

The pre-submittal meeting will be required for all subdivisions and partitions as well as new commercial, industrial and multi-family developments or additions over 5,000 square feet in size. The pre-submittal meeting will go into effect on Monday, March 26, 2007. Interested parties are invited to contact the City of Bend’s Current Planning office for further information at 388-5580.