Eight of 13 Bend businesses sell liquor to minors
Mar 15,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

Eight of 13 licensed businesses tested in Bend sold alcohol to a minor during a recent compliance operation conducted by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

The 61.5 percent sales rate is more than double the average sales rate of 25-27 percent during Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) compliance checks.

The eight businesses that sold to the minor include Applebee’s
, 3197-C N. Hwy. 97; Izzy’s Pizza Bar Classic Buffet, 2940 N. Hwy. 97; 7-Eleven, 810 NE Greenwood; Expressway, 1450 SE Reed Market Rd.; Quick Way Market, 690 NE Butler Market Rd.; Butler Market South, 61396 S. Hwy 97; Old Mill Martini Bar, 360 SW Powerhouse Dr.; El Caporal West, 744 NW Bond St.

Servers and bartenders or licensees whose employees provide alcohol to the minor or fail to verify their age, are subject to OLCC administrative sanctions including fines or license suspensions. Store clerks who sell are cited into court and face at least a $350 fine.

Four inspectors and several minor volunteers did the compliance testing Mar. 9 as part of the OLCC’s priority effort to curtail underage drinking, which is a major problem in Oregon.

The four licensees that refused to sell to the minor include Ernesto’s Italian Restaurant, 1203 NE 3rd St.; Bendistillery Sampling Room, 850 NW Brooks St.; Corey’s, 928 NW Bond St.; Deschutes Brewery, 1044 Bond St.; McMenamin’s Old St. Francis School, 700 NW Bond.

In a compliance test, the volunteer attempts to buy alcohol from licensees or their employees to determine if they are properly checking identification and obeying state law prohibiting alcohol sales to anyone under 21. The minors are supervised by OLCC inspectors or other law officers, carry their own legal ID and are advised not to disguise their age or encourage the sale of alcohol.

The OLCC tested about 1,600 licensed liquor businesses in 2006, and a number of police agencies also do compliance checks.

The OLCC offers training to store clerks, service permit holders and others on ID checking, identifying false identification and laws regarding minors and alcohol.