Bend City Police Blotter - Week of Jun 20
Jun 29,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

During the week, there were 14 reports of vehicle break-ins, with an estimated $7,215 in items stolen. Of the 14 break-ins, 6 vehicles were unlocked, 2 had open windows, and 5 had broken windows.  There were also 5 separate reports of vehicles having their paint damaged by ‘keying.’

§         6/16. A man was arrested for DUI with a blood alcohol level nearly 3 times the legal limit. Subject admitted to having 4 beers, and when asked to describe the effects he was feeling, he replied “Pissed - because I got pulled over.”

§         6/16. Mountain View High School reported someone had vandalized a building by writing “NO FAT CHICX” in black paint on the wall.

§         6/17. Officers took a report from a man who had a common derogatory word which describes a female mother dog scratched into the hood of his car. A sparkplug found nearby was most likely used. Officers noted that the word scratched into the paint had been spelled incorrectly.

§         6/17. A person had earlier been trespassed from the Old Mill District for shooting Security Guards with a paintball gun. When he returned the following day, he was arrested.

§         6/17. A man reported his vehicle was keyed in the Walmart parking lot. Video surveillance revealed it appeared to have been done by the victim’s former brother-in-law. The case is open/pending.

§         6/17. A man reported the theft of a stereo from his boat, which was parked on the side of his house and covered by a tarp. Also stolen was the stereo from his pickup. Total estimated value of both items is $700.

§         6/16. A construction company reported the master lock securing a work trailer was broken, and items valued at almost $2700 - including a generator, compressor, and air tanks - were stolen.

§         6/17. A man was arrested on NE 3rd for DUI and his car impounded. Although his blood alcohol level was over the legal limit, he denied drinking. Subject didn’t know what time he started driving, and had no idea where he started driving. He did admit to having one hit of marijuana, although he didn’t know when, and claimed to not feel any effects.

§         6/18. A man entered the Federal Social Security Building with a concealed and loaded .357 firearm, and was subsequently arrested.

§         6/18. A woman was contacted on a traffic stop. When advised her vehicle was being impounded for lack of insurance, she refused to exit the car and had to be forcibly removed. She was arrested for Obstructing Governmental Administration.

§         6/18. West Side Bakery reported an unknown suspect entered their unlocked building and broke open the cash register, stealing $750.

§         6/18. An intoxicated man was arrested for DUI and for Failure to Perform the Duties of a Driver after he backed into another car and fled the scene.

§         6/20. A man was identified in a line-up as the person who did a “dine and dash” at Izzy’s when he enjoyed the $8.68 buffet and left without paying. When told he was under arrest, he attempted to flee running back and forth across traffic several times. He was arrested for Escape III.

§         6/20. A man was arrested for theft after being apprehended by Home Depot Loss Prevention Officers. He left the store with almost $800 of copper wiring and tubing, obscured by his jacket in a shopping cart.

§         6/20. A man reported persons unknown toilet-papered the trees on his property, then dumped yogurt and applesauce on his vehicle.

The above Information are excerpts taken from log entries and reports of the Bend Police Department.