NetGear selects TeamF1 software for SMB security gateways
Mar 16,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

TeamF1's High-Performance Networking and Security Software Powers the Latest Versions of NETGEAR's VPN/Firewall Routers

NetGear, a global provider of technologically advanced, branded networking products for business and home users, has chosen TeamF1's security software for use in the next generation of NetGear's ProSafe VPN Firewall Routers, according to Mukesh Lulla, president of TeamF1, Inc., a leader in embedded networking and security software.

TeamF1 is supplying a broad set of standards-based security features for security gateways that NetGear is targeting at the small-to-medium business (SMB) market. The software, provided in a prepackaged turnkey solution, will help ensure that SMB customers can provide their workforces with secure online environments, particularly when they are working away from their local-area network (LAN).

TeamF1's Secure Gateway Solution, a member of its SMBware family of innovative prepackaged solutions, enabled NetGear to bring advanced features to market very quickly, while meeting customers' demand for the latest security features.

In 2006, NetGear successfully deployed its FVX538 and FVS338 routers containing TeamF1's prepackaged software and will roll out other members of the SMB family in 2007.

Security features enabled by TeamF1's software include an advanced IPsec VPN; a stateful inspection firewall to prevent denial of service (DoS) attacks; and an intrusion detection system (IDS) with logging, reporting and e-mail alerts. Also included, are a comprehensive, easy-to-use device management interface (GUI and console), quality of service (QoS), and network traffic monitoring.

"TeamF1 not only did provide us high quality software for our security products, they also provided us excellent support throughout the development cycle," said Tissa Senevirathne, NetGear's Vice President of Engineering for Business Products and Solutions. "After an extensive evaluation, NetGear selected TeamF1 based on advanced security features, quality and time-to-market advantages."

"This announcement marks a new strategic relationship between TeamF1 and NetGear," said Mukesh Lulla, president, TeamF1, Inc. "TeamF1 continues to set the standard for advanced SMB security appliances. We are excited that our software will be powering NetGear's business-class VPN routers."