Compensation complaint. How about compassion?
Jun 29,2006 00:00 by Bob

Chris Basserman’s letter to the editor (June 22 issue) complaining about trailer park residents being compensated when they’re evicted made me mad enough to respond. Basserman thinks that because he wasn’t paid when his apartment building was torn down to make way for condos, that displaced trailer park residents should be treated bad. He should have some compassion for these people. Many (like me, age 73) are elderly. Many (like me, with my SSI) have small fixed incomes. Many (like me) thought they were going to live there the rest of their lives.

I live in a trailer park (although I prefer to call it my Mobile Home Retirement Community), and thankfully the owner hasn’t made any plans that I know of to develop his property. I plan on staying here until I die. But if the owner of my trailer park decides to kick us out, I won’t have the money or the energy to move, and will have no place to go either. So I would just say that Chris Basserman should put himself in somebody else’s shoes and have some compassion for those less fortunate.

- Bob, Bend