Golf Tips: Use Same Club Around the Green
Jul 06,2006 00:00 by Tina Mickelson

It's important to be creative around the green.  Some players can be more creative with a variety of different clubs, which are selected according to the lie and desired type of shot.  However, some players have one "comfort club" they are more at ease with.  I, for example, like to stick with my 56-degree wedge around the green and alter the amount of loft or roll according to my stance and set-up.


Less loft, more roll 

For less loft and more roll
(longer chip shots): Play the ball back in your stance and press your hands slightly forward toward the target.  This will decrease loft, causing the ball to stay lower and roll farther.


More loft, less roll 

For more loft and less roll:

Open your stance and club face slightly.  Play the ball a bit forward in your stance.  If your lie is poor (in deep rough around the green) you will need a firmer grip to ensure the club doesn't slip out of your hands.

There are some advantages to sticking with the sand wedge around the green.  Because of the bounce, it can be a little more forgiving.  You also get very familiar with the weight and feel of the club, making it consistently more comfortable.  Since short game is predominantly feel, and feel is largely based on comfort and familiarity, sticking with the reliable sand wedge around the green may prove beneficial to your short game.

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