Fitness Forum: Stretch helps ease, curb tennis elbow
Mar 23,2007 00:00 by Copley News Service

Simple stretching can ease the pain of tennis elbow.

THE MOVES: Stretch for tennis elbow.

SMASHING TENNIS ELBOW - With her arm extended and fingers pointed down, firefighter Melissa Cleary gently pulls on her hand, stretching the back of her forearm to help prevent and ease a tennis elbow injury. CNS Photo by Howard Lipin.

WORKS ON: Stretches the back of the forearm.

SET-UP: Extend your right arm in front of you with the elbow fully extended. Turn your right hand down so your fingers are pointing down. Hold your right hand with your left hand.

THE STRETCH: Slowly pull your right hand toward you so the wrist flexes. Pull until you feel gentle stretching on top of your right forearm.

REPETITIONS: Repeat on each side five times daily, more if you feel you need it. Hold each stretch 15 to 30 seconds.

PRECAUTIONS: Maintain a relaxed neck and keep your shoulders down.

OPTIONS: As long as the elbow remains straight, the wrist and forearm can be rotated into many different positions to find the best stretch for you.