Nexia's Black Chandelier Jewelry featured on 'CSI: NY'
Mar 23,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

Holdings, Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary Gold Fusion Laboratories, announced Black Chandelier's unique "Roach Brooch" jewelry was featured in Wednesday night’s episode of "CSI: NY," in an episode entitled “A Daze of Wine and Roaches”.  "CSI: NY" consistently outperforms the competition, coming in first among all households and drawing 14.3 million viewers during the week ended March 4, 2007.

Head designer of Black Chandelier Jared Gold is famous for taking an ironic twist on fashion. His latest fashion craze, the Roach Brooch, uses a proprietary by-hand process to gently bejewel live Madagascar hissing cockroaches with Austrian Swarovski crystal (placed on top of the non-feeling part of the head), which are then accessorized with a leash set and sold ready to wear. The Roach Brooch has drawn nearly constant news coverage since its introduction in October 2006. America's Next Top Model 2006, CNN, MSNBC, local news channels and many other media outlets have featured the Roach Brooch, putting retailer Black Chandelier in front of millions of potential consumers coast-to-coast.

Andy Montana, Brand & Marketing Director for Nexia Holdings, Inc., stated, "We are working diligently to keep the momentum building for Jared Gold's fashion line and to peak consumer interest in adopting Black Chandelier as a lifestyle brand. In fact, a number of celebrities are wearing our designs, which helps us attract a much broader fashion-conscious audience. This past Friday night the infamous Jenna Jameson wore a piece from the Jared Gold collection entitled "Quiet Army" for the Jared Gold Fashion Show in Los Angeles."

"Lifestyle brands such as Black Chandelier create a platform to dramatically grow our retail sales through our national franchise marketing concept. Black Chandelier's mission is to achieve $50 million in revenues by 2011. Our marketing and publicity strategies are important catalysts toward achieving this goal," said Richard Surber, CEO of Nexia Holdings, Inc.

New media coverage coincides with the Company's participation in runway fashion shows and plans to open premier retail outlets nationwide. The Company also recently enhanced its online shopping experience at