US, Oregon gas prices continue steady rise
Mar 27,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

Spot reports of some stations in the state already charging $3 or more

With the arrival of spring break, motorists in Oregon are seeing gasoline prices ranging from less than $2.80 per gallon to more than three dollars per gallon.  In the past month, the state's average price for a gallon of regular rose by 36 cents to $2.859.  That compares to a national average price increase in the same time period of a bit more than a quarter to $2.59.

"Earlier in the month, some analysts forecast that Oregon's average price could hit $3 by month's end.  With a week to go, we may dodge that bullet for the time being, but fuel prices are still climbing but at a slower pace than in recent weeks " said AAA Oregon Public Affairs Director Elliott Eki.  "Although the current Portland area average price for a gallon of regular is $2.86, some stations already are charging more than $3."

Other factors affecting pump prices are Iran's detention of British sailors, which is blamed for pushing up the price of crude oil, currently trading in the $62 per barrel range; a number of refineries have experienced production problems; and consumer demand is squeezing already low gasoline inventories.


At $2.86, Oregon's average gasoline price is tied with Washington's as fourth highest in the nation. California has the highest average price at $3.19 with Hawaii following at $2.97 and Nevada at $2.89.  Idaho's statewide average price moved up six cents to $2.56.  South Carolina has the lowest average price at $2.39.  The national average diesel price held at $2.74 per gallon during the past week.  Idaho's average diesel price moved up to $2.88, Nevada's remained at $2.87, Washington's held at $2.90, and California's was steady at $3.06.  Oregon's average diesel price is $2.77.