Studded tires must be off by Sunday
Mar 30,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

ODOT is not extending the studded tire season this year—the deadline remains April 1
A sure sign of springtime is the approach of Oregon’s deadline to remove studded tires from motor vehicles by Sunday, April 1. Weather forecasts from the National Weather Service predict that daytime temperatures will be in the low to mid 50's next week with only a chance of rain showers even in Central Oregon. Based on this information, Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) will not be extending the studded tire season.
Drivers with studded tires on their vehicles after the deadline can be charged with a Class C traffic violation, which carries a maximum $145 fine.
ODOT encourages drivers to consider other types of traction tires or chains because studded tires cause at least $11 million damage each year on city streets, county roads and state highways. Other types of traction tires are available to those who drive in Oregon’s snow zones. These traction tires meet Rubber Manufacturers Association standards for use in severe snow conditions and carry a special symbol on the tire sidewall showing a three-peaked mountain and snowflake. Research shows these tires provide better traction than studded tires when used on bare pavement.
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