Bend Man Arrested in Armed Robbery
Jul 06,2006 00:00 by K_Guice

A Bend man has been arrested for the armed hold-up of a west Bend clothing boutique and coffee shop robbery, according to police.

David Sharp, 20, was taken into custody on June 28 after officers developed information related to the identity of the robbery suspect who robbed the Blue Clothing Store located on NW Galveston.

“A guy came into the shop, he was clean cut, shopping for his girlfriend and himself,” according Astacia, who was on duty at the time.  “I began to get suspicious when he started racking up a pretty big bill.”

She said she felt weird, like something was wrong so, she began formulating a plan.  First, she started talking about her child and letting the suspect know that she was expected somewhere.  Next, she began text messaging the owner and a nearby friend.


 David Sharp, DCJ Photo

When he came up to pay he pulled out a gun.  After he collected the store’s cash he walked Astacia toward the back of the store.  “He kept yelling, ‘stay there, stay there’ and I kept yelling, ‘I am,’” she said.

Det. Sgt. Rex Catt said the store clerk did everything right. “She was there alone and the suspect took advantage and he was armed,” he said.  “At that point there is nothing you can do but be the best witness and cooperate fully.”

Astacia agrees, “Just do whatever they say and don’t fight anyone.  Don’t try to make the situation worse for yourself.”

In the end, she learned a few things.  “I really feel like texting was the best thing to do,” she said.  While a lot of business can’t afford big staffs, having a security system with cameras, multiple phones in the store and having a neighbor looking out for you are a few things that may help.

In the end, Catt says, “If a robber is going rob a location and they are really determined to do it, there isn’t a whole lot a business can do.”

“When presented with an armed robbery like this, don’t try to resist, it isn’t worth getting hurt over, just give them the property,” he added.

Sharp was also arrested for a burglary that took place on June 22 at the Oregon Mountain Coffee Company on NE 9th Street in Bend.  An undisclosed amount of property was taken.

Police report, there are no other suspects and believe that Sharp acted alone.  An investigation is continuing related to the burglary at the Oregon Mountain Coffee Company.

At the time of this story, Sharp was being held at the Deschutes County Jail on $200,000 bail.  He is facing charges of first-degree robbery, second-degree burglary, unlawful use of a weapon, coercion and unlawful possession of a firearm.

As for life at Blue, Astacia says she won’t let fear control her life.  “We are going to be strong and move on.  We don’t want it to effect us,” she said.

“We are opening a second store, staying on track, and staying focused,” Astacia said.  “We are going to be stronger because of this and the lessons learned.”

 "Blue" 1326 NW Galveston - Photo credit: Bend Weekly