Cold Medicine Law is Asinine
Jul 06,2006 00:00 by Lance, Sunriver

The recently passed law requiring Oregon residents to get a prescription to buy cold medicine containing pseudoephedrine is asinine.  Why must I be penalized for the actions of a few whacked-out tweakers? 

Even the sheriff's office said we haven't had any meth labs in our area this year, and only one the previous year.

I don't have insurance, I have to pay full price for prescriptions, and now on top of that I will have the added cost of a doctor's appointment in order to get a cold pill.  That is, if I'm able to actually get an appointment to see a doctor within a week or so, which is pretty hard to do in Bend.

It was enough that we had to go to the trouble of getting the cold medicine from behind the pharmacist’s counter. That was an inconvenience, but I’d sure rather do that than what we’ll have to go through now.

The government has gone way too far, and in their attempt to cut down on meth labs they have stepped on the toes of, and dipped into the pocket books of regular law-abiding citizens.