KTRO-FM 93.1 launches regional Mexican music format
Mar 30,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

PORTLAND - KTRO-FM 93.1 in Portland launched Spanish programming today, according to an announcement by Dennis Hayes, general manager of the Portland station. "El Rayo" will play Regional Mexican music and is the first FM Spanish format in the market.

”The growing Hispanic population that resides in Portland currently has no FM station dedicated to Spanish-language programming,” commented Hayes. “Regional Mexican music is proving to be a winning format across the country, and we anticipate that KTRO’s new FM format will attract Hispanic listeners throughout the Portland region.”

Regional Mexican music plays a combination of traditional songs from Mexico regions that are familiar to area residents. For at least the next few weeks, "El Rayo" will provide listeners a commercial-free listening experience.

According to published reports, since 2002 some 29 percent of Portland’s new population growth has been Hispanic. Of that group, 79 percent of Hispanics are Mexican. The Portland Hispanic population today has grown to nearly 11 percent.