Giuliani: My wife is a great adviser
Mar 30,2007 00:00 by UPI

NEW YORK - Former New York Mayor and Republican presidential nomination hopeful Rudy Giuliani said he "couldn't have a better adviser" than his wife, Judith.

Giuliani told ABC's "20-20" that he wouldn't have a problem with his wife sitting in on presidential Cabinet meetings.

"If she wanted to. If they were relevant to something that she was interested in. I mean that would be something that I'd be very, very comfortable with," he told "20-20."

Judith Giuliani recently made headlines when she confirmed that she'd been married three times.

"Rudy and I have never had any secrets from each other," she said in the "20-20" interview.

"I have just recently begun, I think they call it in the political world being 'rolled out publicly.' ... And when I was asked, we discussed it. That was my decision."

When asked how she met her current husband, Judith Giuliani said, "That's one thing that I would kind of like to keep private," adding that they met "by accident."

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