Taliban hangs three NATO 'spies'
Apr 02,2007 00:00 by UPI

KABUL - Taliban rebels in Afghanistan staged three public hangings of men they accused of being spies for British NATO forces in the area.

A correspondent for The Independent said two of the men were hanged Sunday from trees in front of a crowd in a village between Musa Qala and Gereshk and the third was hanged in the main street in Musa Qala.

Nizamuddin Khan, a Taliban commander, said the hangings were an example for the villagers.

"They were spying for the British troops and had tipped them off about the location of one of our commanders, who was killed by an air strike. The men had confessed to their crimes," Khan said in The Independent's article.

Residents of Musa Qala said the hanged man's body was left hanging from a tree for several hours before locals cut it down and buried the man.

"The Taliban told us that whoever gives information to the government or the foreign soldiers will be punished in the same way as these informers," a resident told the newspaper.

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