New Devices Improve Quality Of Cell Phone Calls Indoors
Jul 06,2006 00:00 by News USA

If you often have to stand by the window or go outside to talk on your cell phone, then you are among the 35 percent of cell phone users who experience reduction or loss of their cell phone signal inside the home or office. But new technologies are available that amplify the signal and improve the quality of the call.

Trees, certain building materials, wall density, the number of windows in a building and building height all may cause a cell phone to lose its signal.

The problem affects all cell phone applications, including voice calls, text messaging, e-mail, Internet browsing and downloading ring tones.

"Weak indoor signal is problematic for businesses and people that rely on their cell phones for immediate response , such as real estate agents or home office workers," says Lloyd R. Meese, chief executive officer of Wi-Ex, a company that uses a patent-pending technology to extend cell phone signals. "There is no telling how much productivity is lost because of unreceived or dropped calls. In some offices, we've seen cell phones lined up on the windowsill, and it's a race to answer them in time - before the call goes to voicemail."

New devices on the market increase indoor cell signal coverage up to 2,500 square feet, decrease dropped or missed calls and extend the battery life of the phone.

Manufactured in the U.S., Wi-Ex provides a device that is affordable and aesthetically pleasing. It is easy to install and the base unit can be placed in the basement, an office, a bedroom or a central location where dependable cell service is needed.

Cell phone signal extenders are available at consumer electronics stores such as Radio Shack or Fry's and online at Tiger Direct or Solid Signal.

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