Oregon State Police plan massive recruitment
Apr 04,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources
Faced with current and upcoming vacancies, law enforcement recruitment challenges, and the possible addition of trooper positions this Legislative session, Oregon State Police Superintendent Timothy McLain announced the Department is undertaking an unprecedented recruitment effort called OSP Project 200.

"OSP Project 200 is a plan developed to successfully create the internal capacity to recruit, hire, train and deploy qualified applicants for projected career opportunities with the Department during he next three years,' said Superintendent McLain.

The Oregon State Police, like many other law enforcement agencies in Oregon and around the country, have many career opportunities now and potentially down the road. The Department's operations may be significantly impacted through budget and staffing-related decisions by Governor Kulongoski and Oregon legislators seeking to restore 24/7 patrol operations and adequate funding levels for those core services that support the greater public safety system.

Superintendent McLain is enthusiastic about the current, as well as the near future additional career opportunities as an Oregon State Police trooper. "This is an exciting time for men and women looking at starting or changing careers. We just need to find the right people at a time when many law enforcement agencies are facing the same reality of a shrinking pool of potential applicants and local potential budget impacts," McLain said.

To set the recruitment wheels in motion the Department had to move two troopers off the road and back into recruiting assignments that were vacated during the last several years due to years of staffing reductions, fewer recruit classes, and the reality of layoffs in 2003. The Department is looking to all of its employees to be involved in recruiting potential applicants because many prospective applicants indicated their interest in the Oregon State Police came through personal contact with a department employee.

Superintendent McLain appointed Captain Walt Markee, Director of the OSP Fish & Wildlife Division, to develop an aggressive plan that took into account present realities and future possibilities. Some of the key parts of OSP Project 200 include:

● A two-year plan to recruit, test, select, and train 200 recruit troopers at a time when OSP is integrating training with local agencies at the new Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) facility in Salem.
● A first-time Career Officer Lateral Entry Employment Program (COLEEP) to accept qualified law enforcement employees from other agencies who have a minimum of three years of full-time job experience as a sworn, paid law enforcement officer within the past six years.
● A four-week training program for officers hired through the COLEEP program that will emphasize Department-related instruction and help put experienced officers on the road and in our communities sooner.

"We have had to look out of the box and consider new approaches that will deliver the best possible candidates for this Department," said Captain Markee.

Additional information about the Oregon State Police, career opportunities, and how to apply is available on our web site in the "Current Topics" and "Now Hiring" sections at www.oregon.gov/OSP .