Gas prices continue steady climb
Apr 06,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

In a single week, the national average price for regular gasoline shot up by more than a dime a gallon to $2.70.  In Oregon, the average price rose by about nine cents a gallon to $2.95.  In the past month, the national average price increased by about 23-cents per gallon while Oregon's went up almost 35-cents.

So far, only a handful of stations in the Portland area have posted regular prices above $3 a gallon, but it's inevitable that the metro area average will cross that threshold soon.  In the Rogue Valley, the current average price is calculated at $2.97.  While Medford's average price is about $2.95, in nearby Ashland, the average price is slightly more than $3.  And in Eugene-Springfield, posted prices range from a low of $2.90 to a high of more than $3.26 per gallon of regular.

In Washington, the metro area averages in Bellingham and Seattle are more than $3 per gallon.  California's statewide average price hit the $3 mark in early March and now stands at $3.27.  San Franciscans are paying an all-time high average price of $3.39 per gallon.

"Anyone planning a road trip should visit, follow the prompts to 'gas prices,' then log on to the AAA Fuel Price Finder," said AAA Oregon Public Affairs Director Elliott Eki.  "The Oil Price Information Service randomly samples about 88-thousand gas stations daily and lists their current prices as well as their addresses.  It's an extremely helpful tool in comparing prices and planning fuel stops."    


At $2.95, Oregon's average gasoline price is 5th highest in the nation. California has the highest average price at $3.27 with Hawaii and Nevada following at $2.98, and Washington at $2.97.  Idaho's statewide average price moved up to $2.66.  South Carolina has the lowest average price at $2.50.  The national average diesel price rose to $2.86 per gallon during the past week.  Idaho's and Nevada's average diesel price moved up to $2.94, Washington's climbed to $2.97, and California's increased to $3.13.  Oregon's average diesel price is $2.84.