Bulletin Board: Don't let nervous jitters get to you
Apr 06,2007 00:00 by Maggie_Reed

Your initial excitement has probably turned to nervous jitters.

You've landed a new job and now it's time to go to work.

It's normal to be anxious about the new challenges you are facing. But, don't worry. Here are a few tips to help you lay the groundwork for success:

- Show up on time. Don't think you're going to blend into the woodwork just because you're new. There's nothing that says "slacker" more than showing up late, especially your first days. Try to show up a little early, if you can.

- Dress appropriately. Just because you don't feel the need to wow them as you did during the interview, you still need to dress to impress. Showing up looking rumpled is an image that will be hard to shake in the future.

- Meet your co-workers. It's tough being surrounded by so many new faces, but take the time to learn names. There is nothing more inviting to others than being greeted personally.

- Listen. Consider yourself a blank slate. Take note of information gleaned not only during formal meetings but in casual conversations in the office as well.

- Ask questions. This shows you are involved and it's a great way to learn.

- Get involved. Head up a project, even if it's just organizing a lunch meeting or a happy hour. It gets your name out there.

- Communicate. You can't expect people to read your mind. Just about every office has "unwritten rules," so don't be afraid to ask your co-workers for advice. And let your boss know about your current projects and future projects you would like to be involved in.

- Avoid gossip. Because you're new, others may feel more comfortable venting to you. Don't get sucked into the rumor mill.

- Stay late. Whether you have work to do or not, it can't hurt to stay a little late. Don't shut your computer down at 4:59 ... stick around.

- Be upbeat. It may be confusing and overwhelming when you are new, but don't let it get you down. Being positive and cheerful can be contagious.

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Before you land that dream job, there are probably going to be a number of interviews. Here are some tips:

- Arrive on time, if not early.

- Greet your interviewer by name. Not sure of the pronunciation? Just ask.

- Don't sit until a chair is offered and always sit upright.

- If you don't understand a question, don't answer blindly. Ask for it to be repeated or give yourself a moment to digest what was asked.

- Early on ask the interviewer to describe the job and the duties involved. Direct your responses to reflect how your skills and experience relate to the position.

- Don't bring up salary, vacation, benefits and such during the initial interview. If you are asked your requirements or expectations in these areas, be honest. But, make sure you have done your homework so your responses are in the ballpark.

- Follow up. Don't just walk out the door and expect your phone to ring. Employers expect candidates to follow up on interviews. Don't drop the ball now.

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