Professional Golf Tips: Know your putting style
Apr 06,2007 00:00 by Tina_Mickelson

Solid contact is a key factor in good putting. For solid contact, the putter head needs to strike the ball at the lowest point in the arc of the putting stroke.  Proper setup is critical here.  There are three basic putting styles and by understanding which one best describes you, it makes it easier to ensure you are setting yourself up for the best possible putting stroke:
Weight forward:  If you tend to set up to a putt with your weight favoring your front foot, it is important to understand that the bottom of the arc of the putting stroke shifts forward.  Therefore, you want to play the ball up in line with your front foot.Ê Your stance should be square.  Keeping your head still while putting is critical for every putting style, however, it is especially important for this setup.  With weight being forward, even the slightest head movement can cause the putter head to strike the ground before contacting the ball.
Open stance:  If you like to set up to your putts with an open stance, understand that this shifts the low point of the arc back toward your rear foot.  Play the ball just inside your back foot.  In order for your head and chest to line up over the ball, you will need to shift your weight to your back foot as well.  Now you are in position to start your putts on line and with solid contact.
Weight centered:  This might seem like common sense to most, but some might need a friendly reminder.  If your weight is evenly distributed between both feet and your stance is square, the low point of the arc of the putting stroke is in the center of your stance.  Assuming there is no weight shift throughout the putting stroke, the ball is best played in the center of your stance.
By setting yourself up for the best possible putting stroke, you will find that your consistency improves, resulting in more putts going in.