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Apr 06,2007 00:00 by Maggie_Reed

No time to stop and wait for your favorite latte on your way to work?

No problem.

Take it with you.

The new Nespresso Lattissima combines elegance, ease and makes a great cup of joe.

Joining together are Nestle Nespresso, the worldwide pioneer and market leader in single-serve coffee, and De'Longhi, a renowned electric household appliance company.

Their mutual vision was to create a machine that would enable coffee lovers to easily prepare a latte or cappuccino with the perfect milk froth. Nespresso contributed its unique hermetically sealed capsule system for coffee while De'Longhi applied its household product expertise.

RISE AND SHINE - With its one-touch fresh milk froth function, the Nespresso Lattissima sets new standards for preparing the perfect latte or cappuccino at home. CNS Photo courtesy of Nespresso.

READY TO GO - Keep your ties and scarves organized with caddies from Pinnacle Ventures Inc. CNS Photo courtesy of Pinnacle Ventures Inc.

The one-touch option for that unique fresh milk froth also features an auto-rinsing function, which enables users to easily clean the tubes used for milk preparation so no leftover milk particles remain in the system. The removable 17-ounce milk container is a new feature that can be stored in the refrigerator and is dishwasher-safe.

The removable water container can hold up to 41 ounces and the integrated systems allow for programming the desired water level for a coffee or an espresso.

Another innovative touch is the adjustable cup platform, which allows for filling coffee cups as well as latte glasses. In addition, on the Satin Chrome model the entire top surface offers a generous amount of space for warming cups.

A feature of all Nespresso machines is the 19-bar high-pressure pump that ensures optimal coffee extraction from the patented pouches of coffee.

"We developed the Lattissima with a clear objective in mind: to offer our customers the opportunity to quickly, easily and conveniently use fresh milk to prepare their own cappuccino or latte at home," said Gerhard Berssenbrugge, chief executive officer of Nestle Nespresso.

The Lattissima features twin pump and heating systems - one for the coffee and one for the milk. With this machine, you can get a cappuccino in less than a minute and a latte macchiato in about 30 seconds more.

The Nespresso Lattissima machine will be launched in mid-September and will retail for between $700 and $800. Along with the Satin Chrome finish the machine may also be available in red. The coffee capsules are about 50 cents per cup.

For more information on Nestle Nespresso call 800-562-1465 or visit www.nespresso.com. For De'Longhi, call 800-322-3848 or visit www.delonghi.com.


Ties and scarves taking up too much space or just coming out dirty and wrinkled?

Check out these new home and travel storage solutions. Rather than tossing these items in a dresser drawer or hanging them up in a closet, roll them and store them.

Pinnacle Ventures Inc., based in Warick, R.I., recently introduced the Tie Caddy, Tie Caddy Plus and the Scarf Caddy.

All the caddies feature an innovative and patented winding mechanism that allows the user to quickly, yet gently, roll a necktie or scarf into the transparent, protective case. Now items come out clean and free from wrinkles. The design also makes it simple to store and readily view items.

Throw a few into a suitcase for travel or keep them in your car or desk for emergency situations.

The Tie Caddy is for standard silk ties and retails for $6. The Tie Caddy Plus is designed for woven ties and retails for $7. The Scarf Caddy retails for $8.

For more information, call 401-615-2862 or visit www.tiecaddy.com.

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