Hotel smoke shelter has powerful enemies
Apr 06,2007 00:00 by UPI

EDINBURGH -- A Scottish hotel's attempt to provide a sheltered place for its staff to smoke has caught the eyes -- and ears -- of one of the country's prominent lawyers.

Grosvenor Hilton in Edinburgh  
John McCluskey -- a former judge and solicitor general for Scotland and life peer known as Lord McCluskey -- complains that chattering smokers in the shed behind the Grosvenor Hilton in Edinburgh are keeping him awake, The Scotsman reported.

"The noise of staff members laughing, shouting, even talking in the still of the night, is heard by people, especially those in Lansdowne Crescent, who are trying to sleep," he wrote in a letter to the local council.

The hotel built the shelter three months ago without getting local planning permission and is trying to obtain a permit retroactively. But McCluskey has powerful allies, including the Rev. Dr. Graham Forbes, the Provost of St. Mary's Cathedral, the newspaper said.

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