Action urged against skunk cannabis
Apr 06,2007 00:00 by UPI

LONDON - British mental health charity SANE says people addicted to super-strength cannabis may commit more violent acts unless tougher action is taken against the drug.

Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of the charity, said at least one third of recent killings related to skunk cannabis could have been prevented if the British government had taken action, The Telegraph reported Friday.

Wallace called for the government to set up an educational campaign to instruct young people of the dangers of skunk cannabis. She also suggested the government create special mental health units for drug users suffering from schizophrenia.

"The latest figures show 79 percent of school children think cannabis is both harmless and legal, but we clearly need to have a much stronger message that it can devastate the mind," Wallace said.

"It's like giving school children loaded guns."

Wallace's comments followed a teenager's admission earlier this week that he was addicted to skunk cannabis when he stabbed and killed his grandmother.

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