Oregon Average Gasoline Price Still Declining As National Average Continues Climb
Jul 13,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

During the past week, the national average price for a gallon of regular gasoline increased by almost 8 cents to $2.93--the highest since mid-May. Oregon's statewide average, however, continued its downward trend, dropping to $2.96.

National Average 

Regular Unleaded 

Current  $ 2.93
27-Jun   $ 2.86
Mo. Ago   $ 2.86
Yr. Ago   $ 2.22
Crude oil currently is trading at more than $70 per barrel, largely in response to recent global developments. Geopolitical issues to keep an eye on include North Korea's testing of long-range missiles; Iran's reaction to economic incentives proposed by Western industrial powers in exchange for that country suspending its nuclear program; the unresolved presidential election in Mexico, the 2nd largest exporter of oil to the United States; and Israel's threat to invade Palestinian territory.

Area Current  27-Jun   Mo. Ago  Yr. Ago
Statewide   $2.96  $2.98  $3.09  $2.33
Portland   $2.91  $2.94   $3.07  $2.26
Eug/Spfd   $2.96  $2.98  $3.14   $2.29
Salem   $2.90  $2.93  $3.07  $2.29
Mdfd/Ashld   $3.00  $3.02  $3.14  $2.48
"In addition, two major refineries--one in Texas, the other in Pennsylvania--experienced problems and briefly shutdown, and a primary shipping channel in the Mississippi River was closed temporarily," said AAA Oregon Public Affairs Director Elliott Eki. "Those situations did not cause any long-term supply problems, but they did push gasoline prices a bit higher."

Highest Recorded    
Ntnl Ave  $3.06  9/05/05 
Statewide  $3.11 5/28/06
Portland $3.10  5/30/06 
Eug/Spfd  $3.16  5/27/06 
Salem  $3.09  6/01/06 
Mdfd/Ashld  $3.17  6/02/06 
Nationwide, the average gasoline price now exceeds $3 per gallon in 11 states and the District of Columbia. At $2.96, Oregon's average gasoline price drops to 18th highest in the nation. Hawaii has the highest statewide average price at $3.37. California's went up to $3.21; Nevada's rose to $3.01; Washington's remained at $3.05, and Idaho's dipped to $2.90. South Carolina has the lowest statewide average price at $2.73, 10-cents higher than a week ago. The national average diesel price rose to $2.97 per gallon. In California, diesel averages $3.27 per gallon; in Washington, it's up to $3.08; in Idaho, it's down to $3.05; in Nevada, it's $3.06; and, in Oregon, it held steady at $3.04.