Lost hikers rescued near Tumalo Creek
Apr 09,2007 00:00 by Cheryl McDermott

Rescuers found two 19-year old Redmond men wet, cold and tired, but otherwise unharmed Sunday night after they became lost while hiking from Shevlin Park to Tumalo Falls, authorities reported.
Thomas James Hisaw and Dustin Kyle Rose set off from the Shevlin Park day use area about 2 p.m., April 8, Deschutes County Sheriff’s deputy Sgt. Dan Bilyeu said.  Carrying a cell phone but wearing only jeans, tee-shirts and tennis shoes, the men planned to hike to Tumalo Falls, but by nightfall hadn’t reached their destination and decided to return to their vehicle.
The hikers never reached their intended destination of Tumalo Falls when they became lost in the darkness. 
In the darkness Hisaw and Rose lost the trail and tried to follow Tumalo Creek, soon abandoning that plan when the terrain became too difficult, Bilyeu said.
Hisaw called 9-11 for help using his cell phone about 8:30 p.m., and search and rescue personnel in addition to deputies and Bend Fire personnel responded to the area.  Medics staged at Shevlin Park, the sergeant said, while the Sheriff’s Office sent units to USFS Road 4606 – one unit via Skyliners Road and a second unit via Bull Springs Road.
Hisaw updated the hikers’ situation by phone, saying it was raining, they “were freezing” and could no longer walk, and one of the two had a potential medical issue, Bilyeu said.
By using the emergency lights and sirens of the deputies’ vehicles, plus phone conversations between Hisaw and emergency dispatch, deputies were able to get within 100-200 yards of the lost hikers.  They then set out on foot and found the men on a rocky ridgeline above Road 4606 and the bridge that crosses Tumalo Creek.  Hisaw and Rose were led to safety and transported to Shevlin Park where they were evaluated by emergency medical technicians.  Neither men required medical treatment, the sergeant said.
The Sheriff’s Office reminded all outdoor enthusiasts to take the following precautions to better ensure safe outings:
*  Be aware of the weather and the weather forecast.
*  Know where you are going and the travel routes.
*  Take extra clothing, food, water, matches, flashlights and/or other signaling devices for the unexpected delays and emergencies.
*  Tell someone where you are going, when you expect to return and the route you intend to travel.
*  Take a fully charged cell phone.
*  If you become lost, try to find or build some type of shelter and stay where you are.