Bush seeks bipartisan huddle on Iraq funds
Apr 10,2007 00:00 by UPI

FAIRFAX, Va. -  U.S. President George Bush said he is planning a bipartisan meeting at the White House to resolve issues delaying passage of funding for the war in Iraq.

Speaking at an American Legion Post in Fairfax, Va. Tuesday, Bush also repeated his pledge to veto any measure that contained a forced withdrawal date, and chided the Democrat-controlled Congress for taking so long on the funding bill.

"Instead of proving that vital funding, the Democratic leadership has spent the past 64 days on legislation that would undercut our troops," Bush said. "We're at war -- it's irresponsible for the Democratic leadership in Congress to delay for months on end while our troops in combat are waiting for the funds they need to succeed."

As Bush was making the speech, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino told reporters the talks Bush wants next week would be discussions and "not a negotiation," CNN reported.

Last week, Bush claimed the military would start running low on cash by mid-April, but the bipartisan Congressional Research Service has since said funds are sufficient to continue fighting through July.

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